Starting our Business

Starting our Business

Starting a business with Etsy and our Glowforge.

Whether or not to start a business is a question I have wrestled with for a long time. I have been making side money one way or another my entire life. From selling glow sticks in middle

school to selling t-shirts on Cafepress in high school, and a dozen other methods through the years. But I have

never been able to find the right combination of opportunity and possibility to apply my abilities with the potential for it to work out financially. I have always been somewhat crafty and really love wood working. I’ve been told multiple times that I should sell the furniture I make on Etsy, but due to space

and time constrictions this was never possible. Also, to me the beauty of Etsy is the ability to sell and purchase handcrafted, customized, and personalized goods.

Perfect Opportunity

I wrote off the prospect for the longest time, but the urge to try to start a business never went away. I recently discovered the Glowforge. Once I saw this machine I could instantly see the possibilities – custom personalized designs crafted by hand that could be quickly reproduced for multiple orders. This represents a perfect combination of opportunity and possibility, so I finally broke down and took the plunge – I am going to start a side hustle. I have always wanted to run my own business and I think that this will be a good place to start.

Jumping In

So, my wife and I talked over the prospect and decided to go for it. This was not an easy or quick decision. We purchased the Glowforge on July 5, 2018 for $2700. This blog will be about my journey into success, failure or something in between. I will be blogging about a lot of different topics on this page – selling on Etsy, finances of opening a new business, Glowforge, design, laser cutting, and any other relevant topics that pop up! So please join us on this journey and feel free to share your own experiences in the comments. Look out for more to come!

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